Krishak Jagat Diary

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It is our annual feature for over more than 41 years and has been well received both by the agriculture sector & all concerned in the field of agro inputs & rural segment.
Krishak Jagat Diary carries a general introduction to the state as a whole with package of agronomical practices of different crops. It carries vital & valuable information on agriculture.

Area of Coverage

With a print order of more than 2 lakh copies, Krishak Jagat Diary not only gives you the widest possible reach, but you also get the affluent clientele of your target market in terms of purchasing power.

All the subscribers of Krishak Jagat (Printed) will receive the Krishak Jagat
Diary as free gift.

Krishak Jagat Diary (ANNUAL PUBLICATION)
EDITIONSFull PageHalf Page
All Edition7600040000
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