Our Founders

Krishak Jagat was founded by Shri Manik Chandra Bondriya and his younger brother Shri Suresh Chandra Gangrade in 1946. The two were like minded and   patriotic freedom fighters that after their freedom struggle wanted to help the nations’ majority community of farmers and put an end to the consecutive famines faced by the   nation which affected the economic and social circumstances and hence, stemming   from these noble endeavours, Krishak Jagat was born.

Krishak Jagat for over 72 years has been associated with the farming community and   has been playing a pivotal role in shaping the outlook of the farmers, agri allied   individuals through its various sources of media publications and extension activities. Krishak Jagat has been one source of authentic and non biased information which has helped the readers to develop trust with the publication.

The wide spread readership of about 2.5 million has been one of the most rewarding factor for us to continue this legacy for over 72 years and we strive to help each individual farmer and agri-allied individual to have the reach of knowledge available.

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